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What Makes a Good Website

A website that is effectively designed should achieve its purpose and functionality by expressing specific messages it is built for while also engaging people that visit the website. With our years of experience in building customized websites for our clients to satisfy every design, functionality, media, and content need; several factors including consistency, typography, colors, simplicity, functionality, and imagery contribute to what makes a good website. A website that is properly designed can help to build trust, confidence, and guide those who visit the website in taking action.

Creating an outstanding user experience with your website requires that you ensure its design is optimized and effective for functionality (how easy the website is for use) and usability (the website’s aesthetics and form). So, when developing a website, these tips and key principles below should be considered as they are an integral part of what makes a good website and how the website is perceived.

  1. The Purpose of the Website

What’s the purpose and intention of your webpage? Is your website providing practical information and guidance on how an activity should be done? Is your website entertaining like a sports website or are you marketing a product or service to the website user? Your website should accommodate the users’ needs. Each page should have a simple and clear purpose to enable the user to interact effectively with what your business has to offer. Websites have several purposes, however below are the key purposes that are common to every website.

  • Describing expertise
  • Generating leads
  • Building your game and reputation
  • Sales and follow up
  1. Simplicity

When considering your website’s usability and user experience, the simplicity of your website is the key and an essential part of what makes a good website. You can achieve simplicity with your website design through:

  • Colour: The color Of Your website has the ability to communicate information and rouse emotional responses. Using a color chart that befits your brand and style of business can make you sway or influence the behavior of your customer towards your business. Limit your choice of colors to at most 5. Complimentary colors are great. A combination of pleasing colors enhances the customers’ engagement and makes them feel great.
  • Typography: Typography is the way text is presented and arranged. It plays an important role in the design of your website. It draws attention and functions as the graphic interpretation and visual version of the brand’s voice. The typography also called typefaces or font style should be clear and readable and should only make use of at most three font styles on the webpage.
  • Imagery: This refers to all visual aspects of communication. It includes illustration, video, still photography, and every form of graphics. Every imagery should be expressive. It should also capture the company’s mood and energy and an embodiment of the company’s brand and personality. Most times, the initial information we are fed with when we visit a website is visual. So, as an initial impression, important images of high quality should be used in forming a credible and professional impression in the mind of those that visit the website.
  1. Navigation

Navigation is used on web pages where visitors to the websites interact and get answers. It’s the key to keeping visitors on your website. Navigation should be made to be simple, consistent, and intuitive. If it makes users be confused, they will stop visiting your website and look elsewhere for information and help.

  1. Content

A well-designed website with good content is an inherent part of what makes a good website. With persuasive language, good content can influence and attract users to your website and convert them to customers.

  1. F-Shaped Reading Pattern

It’s the most frequently used method by website users to scan your website content. A website that is effectively designed should function with the Natural reading pattern of scanning pages. Eye-tracking studies and research have confirmed that most people see what is on the left and top areas or sections of the monitor. F-shaped layouts mimic our natural reading pattern; from the left to the right and from the top to the bottom; used in western nations.

  1. Grid Layouts

Grids help in structuring your website design and keeping its content organized. The guide layout aligns the elements of the website on the webpage and keeps them clean. This layout arranges the content of the website into a neatly rigid grid form with columns and rows that align, creating a balance feeling and orderliness that result in a website that is pleasing aesthetically.

  1. Visual Hierarchy

Website elements are ranked. They are arranged by order of importance. This is known as a visual hierarchy. These elements are arranged either by color, size, white space, typography, style, contrast, imagery, and texture. An essential functionality in the visual hierarchy is establishing a point of focus. This helps visitors to know where the main information on the website is.

  1. Mobile Friendly

A lot of people use their mobile phones or tablets and other mobile devices for browsing the web. So, it’s essential to build your website using a layout that is responsive. This helps your website to adjust to various screens.

  1. Loading Time

A website that makes users wait for it to load loses its users. Almost 50% of web users expect a website to load within two seconds and may likely leave the website if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

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