Website Maintenance and Updates

Website Maintenance and Updates

Building credibility and value for a website involves keeping up with recent trends. It is pertinent you use the latest technologies, and your website is compliant with the newest browser updates such Plugin updates, WordPress changes, and being updated with coding trends and standards. A number of factors can make a website appear inefficient. We have often noticed at Web Weavers that most of the website repairs that customers ask for are due to poor website maintenance routines. A website is no different from a car in the area of maintenance. It has to be regularly maintained if you don’t want it to suddenly break down. Failure to maintain it for a long period, and your website might start having problems with the way it renders or even become less secure to hackers.

 But, why is it so? The reason is that WordPress is regularly updated over time, alongside any themes or plugins. The updates might have to do with bug fixes, security improvements, and even new fixtures. If you do not update your site in line with these updates, there is a higher chance the website will lag behind trending website update requirements or it can easily be attacked.

Website Maintenance and Updates web wevaers

 Therefore, whose job is it to have the website maintained? The best thing is to leave such responsibilities to your website providers. It’s easy to think that you can handle it on your own. But, also remember that it will only take one wrong click for your site to stop working. You definitely don’t want to begin your week in that manner. If website maintenance is not your specialty, then you can leave it to your web developer. As it is with a car, fixing a broken site can cost a lot more than maintaining it.

We like to schedule monthly maintenance at Web Weavers, setting up a dummy of the website atop our development server. That is where we test the updates before they are pushed onto the real server. The implication is that it allows us to troubleshoot any compatibility issues safely without halting the live website. That approach actually allows our clients stress-free and seamless website management.

Instead of letting your website become dusty why not give it a small TLC!

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