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Why Is Web Design Important?

This article will discuss the reason style and design is considered relevant for website design. It will also offer you seven design elements that should be part of your own site. If you are after assistance to make your website a reality, call 07 3050 0777 we are here to help.

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Why web design is important.

How does web design impact your business and audience? Let us take a comprehensive look at 5 reasons your site cannot do without quality website design.

  1. First impression matters

Anytime your audience hits your site, they see your business in a particular way. That becomes the first impression. In seconds, they can pass judgment on your business. Within those seconds, you have to paint a positive image of your business in the minds of your audience.

If your site appears outdated or unappealing, you would have created a negative impression of your business. When that happens, the chances are that they will never visit that page again. You will end up losing vital leads because they will turn to your competitor’s webpage.

Website design is fundamental, since it impacts your audience’s perception of your brand. The kind of impression you create on their minds will determine whether site visitors will stay or leave you for your competitors. The right web design would help make sure your leads stay on your webpage.


  1. Enhances your search engine strategy

Most website design practices and elements determine how content is published on your site, affecting the way search engine spiders index and crawl your site.

If you don’t get this right, your site will be doomed. If the on-page SEO basics you have are not good enough, all your efforts might amount to a waste of time.

Besides the way you publish content on your site, specific web design components can directly impact your SEO. Web design is a lot more difficult for those who don’t know how it functions. The golden rule here is to ensure your code is entirely SEO-friendly.

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  1. Creates a customer service impression

Site visitors can quickly predict how you will treat them when they first glance at your site. The way you see your audience is hidden in your website design. If you are not serious about your website design, your audience can quickly interpret that you will treat them the same way.

Your site is your first customer representative anyone is going to see. If your site is modern, bright, and appealing, your site visitors will be more relaxed when visiting your web page. That will create an impression of your business being welcoming and open to new site visitors.

In stark contrast, a website that does not appeal to your audience only paints a negative picture of your website. People will not want to deal with any business that never cared enough to ensure they got a good impression on their first visit.

Website design is the digital side of your business. See it that way. If somebody stormed the physical location of your business, you would want to welcome them specially. A modern and updated website design is similar to welcoming your new site visitors with a warm smile.

  1. It helps to cement trust with your audience

It is difficult for people to trust websites that are not properly designed. If your web design is flawed or full of outdated information, it will be hard for visitors to trust your website. They may see you as a fraud simply because your web design is not up to date.

Think of someone who wants to order something in bulk from a particular manufacturing firm. They are spending so much money, which implies that they are likely to take their money elsewhere if the website design is not trustworthy.

On the contrary, a professional website radiates trust before its audience. They will have trust in your business and will be interested in knowing more about it.

It would help if you built trust before your audience because that will make them stay on your site. When visitors spend more time on your website, there is a tendency for them to become leads.

  1. Do what your competitors are doing

Competitors are making the most of web design already. You cannot afford to lag. So if you intend to continue to be relevant in the market, you must deploy the most effective web design elements on your website.

You have to do everything to ensure your website will be different from the others. If your site is outdated, old, and of low quality, you would find it difficult to compete in the market. Well-designed websites will do better than yours.

You will likely lose your prospects to the competition. Your competitors will attract more prospects to their webpage since they have a more appealing webpage.

Your web design gives you a chance to make your business unique from others. When you compete with other businesses in the same category, you have similar pricing and services. So, you must leverage your design to stand out.

You can showcase your website features when your site is properly designed. You can even indicate to your audience why they should prefer you to your competitors.

  1. It ensures consistency

When you are growing new prospects for your business, it is ideal that you promote your brand. Your audience should get used to your brand. That way, they will always choose you anytime they are prepared to convert. Website design will remain vital since they are suitable for creating consistency on your web pages.

Make sure the styles, layouts, and fonts on all webpages are the same. Different web design ideas on different pages of a website are a sign of unprofessionalism. That will also make it hard to develop brand recognition before your audience because they cannot associate your brand with any color.

If the web design on your site is inconsistent, people will go for a site that reflects more professionalism. By ensuring consistency on your site, you maintain your prospects and familiarize them with your business. You are going to get more leads, as well as conversions, when your website is redesigned for this crucial element.

7 essential components a quality website design should have

Having understood the importance of web design, it’s high time you started looking at components that form a quality web design.

  1. Simple navigation

When visitors and users come to your website, they like to get information easily and quickly. If you wish for leads to stay on your webpage, you have to implement user-friendly navigation for your audience.

Your audience does not like the idea of struggling to discover information. They want to find the navigation bar on your site and get the information they seek quickly. If you have poor navigation, the audience will be discouraged from finding out more things on your webpage.

Visitors have a short attention span. If you want your visitors to stay on your webpage, your navigation structure should help them find information with great ease. That is why the essence of well-designed navigation cannot be overemphasized.

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Straightforward and self-explanatory navigation will be sufficient. Add visible headings which comprise multiple topics, so your audience won’t struggle with finding information. That is the best way to help your audience quickly get the information they seek.

  1. Responsive design

Given the way mobile devices are filling everywhere, responsive design has become more relevant than ever. Expect your audience to access your website from with devices like tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. The only way to keep your leads in this regard is by ensuring everyone has a fantastic experience.

The job of responsive design is to make sure your audience enjoys their time on your website irrespective of their kind of device. Your site will adjust to the client device, making sure the audience can see all the content on their devices. You don’t have to ignore this if you want to keep your leads interested and engaged on your website.

Leads are going to remain on your webpage for much longer with responsive design. Responsive design must be part of any successful web design process.

Desktop and phone showing Responsive Website design

  1. Style guide

As we stated earlier, quality website design ensures a level of consistency on your site’s pages. Brand recognition is quickly built when there is consistency on your site. A style guide helps you maintain a brand image that is consistent with your site.

Style guide determines how your site will appear. You choose the typography, format, color, and every other thing you want on your site. This makes sure each time somebody includes a component on your website; it will be the same as what’s on the other web pages.

Your team can use the style guide to ensure consistency on all pages. Whenever they intend to add anything to the webpage, they will reference the style guide. That way, different people can add and edit elements on your website while maintaining a level of consistency.

Your site is more cohesive when the web design is consistent across all web pages. With that, your audience will stay longer on your site, and brand recognition will be easy for them to build. The result is that you will get more conversions eventually.

  1. Purposeful visuals

Organizations love to add visual components to their sites because it helps to enhance engagement on any website. Surveys have shown a higher chance of customers interacting with video content than with text.

Although visual components are perfect for breaking up texts and enhancing engagement, some companies abuse the use of images. They overcrowd their site with videos and photos, giving the website a cluttered look and making it feel overwhelming.

You may be thinking that it is nice to stock your site with numerous videos and photos to step up engagements, but that’s not true. Too many photos make reading on a website quite tricky.

If you aim for your site to be successful, you must ensure the right balance between texts and images on your web pages. Don’t add more than the necessary images just because you want to increase engagement.

Use visual components on purpose. If a line of text details your services, incorporate a video right beneath to throw more light on your services. That still creates an interaction point for your audience while keeping them engaged.

If you know the importance of web design, you will be more deliberate and tactical in your decision-making. Refrain from overloading your website with more than the necessary visual components.

  1. Good copy

Visitors go to a site to source for vital information. When information is part of your website, it is relevant that you make sure they are of high quality.

Writing good copy helps to keep your visitors much longer. They would love to read everything about your business because they find it interesting. Your writing style should be consistent with that of your entire site.

The quality of your website content is as vital as your web design. That is why you have to ensure you are giving your audience valuable information.

  1. Call to action buttons

If your website already has leads, you need to urge them to convert. A great way to get that done is through your CTA button. Website design plays a significant role when you try to prompt your audience into doing something.

A CTA button that is properly designed will enable your audience to do what is needed next. These buttons are meant to be visible on the webpage. Your audience will see the button immediately.

If your site’s color scheme is gray, green, white, and black, a green-colored CTA button will be more visible compared to any other color. That bright green CTA button would naturally attract people.

By incorporating CTA buttons on your web design, you will get better results when people visit your web pages.

montage of Call to action buttons

  1. Page speed

A great website design would be useless if your site visitors don’t get a chance to see what’s on the site. A critical aspect of website design is page speed. It is what ensures you have a faster-loading website.

Nobody enjoys waiting forever for a website to load. If you have a site that loads for extended period, your audience will be disinterested. They will prefer to search for another company that offers the same thing.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to confirm the speed of your webpage. The tool lets you in on your site speed and highlights adjustments you will need to make for it to improve. You have to make the improvements yourself.

Alternatively, you can turn to digital marketing companies such as Web Weavers that offer page speed services. That way, you can focus on your business while the company will help you take care of those challenges.

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Your web design plays a crucial role in the success of your online marketing campaigns. If you’re hoping to drive tangible results for your business, you must invest in web design efforts that will cause visitors to want to discover more info about whatever you are selling. At Web Weavers, our web design experience is unparalleled, with more than 15 years of great success under our belt.

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