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How To Create A Website Design Brief Web Weavers

How To Create A Website Design Brief

Do you desire a website design brief for a new website you are working on, but you are not sure where and how to begin? Due to the fact that we have been involved in various website projects, we understand how difficult it is to explain what your website should look like.

We have put together this detailed guide that will assist you in creating a design brief for your website. It will help you in identifying those things your preferred website agency ought to be aware of, saving you effort and time whilst making sure you get the best and most deserving outcome for that project of yours.

Why is it important to create a website design brief?

Cultivating an optimistic relationship with your website team is highly essential because it ensures everyone is on the same page no pun intended. Your website design brief ought to pass on clear information to your website team, equipping them with a crystal view of the goals you intend to achieve with your website. At Web Weavers, with this information clearly stated and provided to us, we can easily give your our quotation and inform you of how long the project will last.

Providing a detailed brief can be helpful, but you wouldn’t need too much information at this point. All we just want are the facts clearly outlined.

  1. About you

Inform us of your company by telling us exactly what you do. Try including:

  • Your website address and company name
  • A short description of what the company is into
  • How long has the company existed
  • Where you are located
  • Your annual turnover – gives us a clue of your scope of operations.
  1. Objectives

What goals do you intend to achieve with the website/business in the short-term and long-term. This may include information such as ‘we intend to increase our conversion rate in the coming year’ or ‘we are keen on improving a specific aspect of our businesses’. With just some bullet points, we can quickly figure out what you intend to achieve with the website you intend to build.

  1. Branding and logo design

Do you possess a brand and logo guidelines you would prefer us to use. If yes, would you like us to improve on the current design or you want us to stick with the current design? Maybe you are just starting out, and you desire a logo design and branding that are new.

Whichever way, we can easily tell because your choice of branding and logo will impact the entire website design.

How To Create A Website Design Brief Web Weavers

  1. Target audience

At Web Weavers, what we do first is evaluate the target of your demographic, and come up with a way to design a site that will be appealing. So we need to get all the necessary information about your customers.

  1. Your current website

We would appreciate it if you can give us a link to your current site. Forget about how bad it may look, we just want to see it. Having seen the website, you can simply tell us what and what you want us to improve on your website, and the sections you want us to remove completely.

  1. Your benchmark

Have you seen any website with features similar to what you intend to implement on your website? Helping us with the websites of your competitors, and other websites that you find attractive will give us a concrete idea of your dislikes, likes, as well as desired outcome. Indicate such within the website design brief.

  1. Content

A good way to enable your project to proceed without any hitches is by sorting out your content as quickly as you can.

Getting your website content ready even at the beginning of the project helps to clarify and impact basic sections of the website’ designs. It also provides us with sufficient information regarding what you are doing.

We can only write the copy for the website when you inform us about it in the website design brief. We want to know the number of pages, as well as if you wish for us to source videos, graphics, or images from other places.

Supplying content as at when due is the major bone of contention when it comes to going forward in any project, so you need to give this some serious thoughts from the beginning. The quantity of content you wish to display is what will impact the website’s design. For instance, a webpage that has 2000 words cannot have the same layout design as a webpage that has just 200 words.

  1. Technical functionality requirements

We are going to need as much information as possible from you at this stage. Your functionality needs may comprise the following;

  • A newsfeed or blog
  • Social media feeds
  • A forum
  • Account registration
  • An online booking system
  • Ecommerce
  • API integration
  • Specific shipping or payment requirements

Tell us how you want all the functionalities to be implemented. For instance, if you wish the website to have a registration form, you need to indicate how it should be done in the website design brief. What components do you want to be displayed as part of a user profile or user dashboard? If you desire functionalities for ecommerce, you need thee state the number of your products? Will you prefer advance search and filter by category?

  1. Your plans for the future

In order to be rewarded with the best ROI, inform us of the plans you have for your website going forward:

  • Do you have any features you would like, but you cannot afford them at the moment?
  • Do you intend to update or add to your existing content?
  • Will you be adding ecommerce features later?

Having all of this information will guide us better in building you a website that will be future-proof, which will function effectively for a longer time.

How To Create A Website Design Brief Web Weavers

  1. Budget

What is the essence of providing a budget?

A lot of people are not experienced when it comes to hiring a digital agency. As such, they become oblivious of how much it really cost to build a professional website. Letting us know how much your budget is will enable us weigh and outline the things we can do for you considering your budget scope. That way, you can achieve your goals in the best way possible.

For instance, a higher budget will definitely enable us spend extra time on the UX design, interactive elements, and custom functionality.

  1. Deadline

Deadlines differ from one client to another. Maybe, you are not looking at any serious deadline, and your only focus is to make sure your website objectives are achieved.

But if you’ve got a deadline in mind, then let us know about it from the onset of the project. We will assess feasibility, as well as give you project milestone dates.

  1. SEO

These days it is no longer enough to invest on a bespoke website only. Thinking of how you can get traffic is just as important as any other thing. If SEO will be part of the build, then it should be stated in the website design brief from start. That is because it will affect the website’s design.

For a project redesign, letting us have your current figures in terms of analytics can assist us in knowing how your current website is fairing, and what improvements would be necessary.

  1. Hosting

In many instances, our clients prefer to host their websites on our servers. However, if you have a preference, we would request that you provide us with FTP/SFTP or hosting panel access, as well as MYSQL details. You will equally have to be sure that your hosting aligns with the requirements below;

  • PHP 7.0 is needed for WordPress installation
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher is needed for WordPress installation
  • There is sufficient disk space available – at Web Weavers, we recommend a minimum of 1.5G, depending on your website size and files.

Find out more about our Web Development services here of you can opt to get a quote here.

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