Web Design Trends: Re-introducing Scrolling

Web Design Trends: Re-introducing Scrolling

Users expectations and demands online are not static, they are always changing, and so do web design trends. For a particular trend that has been ditched many years ago and is suddenly beginning to find traction in the web design space again – the long scrolling websites are back! The year 2015 had witnessed the instability of scrolling websites, but in 2021, they are making a strong comeback.

Following the increase of usage of mobile devices for web content consumption over the use of desktops, GOOGLE has deemed it fit to incorporate mobile first website designs into whatever we are doing. You scroll more when the mobile device screen is smaller. That said, mobile device users now have to deal with more of scrolling website designs, whether it is a social media site, or a responsive design.

Regarding usability, long pages seem to offer users better user experience. Instead of clicking through too many buttons that can negatively affect their user experience, scrolling through lengthy content without having to wait for several page loads sounds like a better option.


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 Continuous scrolling equally demands that your content is properly laid out so it doesn’t bore the reader. The beautiful part about long scrolling site is how it makes storytelling effective. When you arrange your contents in a linear, sequential flow, the scrolling type of design ushers the users via content blocks. This ensures a manageable and intuitive user experience that would have created interruptions linked with too many page loads when implemented otherwise.

A potential shortcoming here is that long scrolling pages can be annoyingly slow on older mobile devices. If you have an engaging content, many users will not bother scrolling to discover more, though their devices may not be able to accommodate heavy pages. Hence, content ought to be customized to meet this kind of web design pattern so that the site doesn’t lose its esteemed customers through device incompatibility or poor engagement.

Like all the web design trends, ubiquity and popularity are almost inseparable, so we advise our clients to be careful not to just apply every design they see online. Concentrate on your user’s goals, website’s intent, and try to picture how the design and content can impact each other.


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