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Web Weavers an SEO agency in Australia SEO myths

Web Weavers an SEO agency in Australia Debunk five common SEO myths

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a field in the digital arena that one needs to master. As a reputable SEO agency in Australia, we always advise that if you own a website, it is pertinent that you observe the appropriate SEO strategies to boost the amount of organic traffic going to your site.

As a result, SEO has become the newest buzzword in the digital world. However, the lack of understanding of how this powerful practice is being used has led to a couple of myths. There are even professionals who help to spread wrong information about optimization just because they want to look relevant in this business.

From our experience as a successful SEO agency in Australia, we’ve discovered that some SEO methods that used to be effective are no longer useful because of algorithmic changes and the advent of AI by the various search engines. Unfortunately, these old methods never become obscure because lots of websites are not updated on the latest information. Therefore, they just remain as superstitions, making it hard for them to disappear from the tech space.

Whichever way you look at it, ineffective SEO practices will ruin your page rankings, ultimately affecting your traffic negatively. That is why it is necessary to demystify these wrong beliefs, and being a renowned SEO agency in Australia we want set thing straight.

We will discuss a couple of the common myths, as well as the real explanation behind such myths.

Web Weavers an SEO agency in Australia SEO myths

1: Keyword density means everything

Keywords remain a simple means for attracting traffic to any site. Those searching for a specific keyword will end up on your webpage if you have used that particular keyword. But how often should someone use keywords? Many people think that they need to stock their pages with keywords. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Google is using TF-IDF (Tern Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency). Therefore, Google still evaluates the keyword density on your website. But, that is not all, as it equally compares the keyword density with how it is been used worldwide. So if your keyword density surpasses the standard rate, your content will be rated by Google as irrelevant and fake. This can have a negative connotation on your Google ranking.

After all, Google is now better when it comes to language recognition. It can now spot synonyms, as well as a variety of word formations. So you don’t have to keep repeating keywords over and over.

2: Links aren’t important

Inarguably, PageRank has proven to be among the Google top factors. The most reliable way to boost PageRank is by building links. Google uses it to estimate popularity.

People don’t want to have anything to do with link building, since quantifying the results can be a bit difficult. Sadly, we can say with confidence that this is a significant factor that helps to determine the amount of generated traffic.

It is one of those factors that will never change now or tomorrow.

3 – Content isn’t significant

It’s been widely disbelieved that driving traffic only requires that you learn the techniques. It is equally hard to come up with quality content. That is why the importance of content is overlooked.

In reality, your site’s relevance has a lot to do with its content. It informs Google with the searches your website should rank for. So making sure your site is ranked for content is very important. You cannot avoid this.

Google and other search engines have become more user-friendly over the years. It does its best to help the one searching with the necessary result. With AI and the recent algorithmic changes, its decisions have been pretty accurate. Therefore, if you seek to maintain your traffic flow, your site should only host relevant content.

4 – Do SEO once and for all

The search results in a typical browser are affected by how many factors? 20? 5? Well, Google has come out with a startling statement. They said up to 10000 signals affect search results.

With that number of variables, then improvements will be inevitable. It’s almost impossible to conclude that you are done with your site optimization. Top websites don’t enjoy such privileges due to blind luck. They’ve been doing that for a long time now.

The best thing is for you to constantly research SEO methods and tweak your strategies to reflect the latest trends. SEO is something that will benefit you in the long-term if you are patient enough.

5 – Mobile friendliness isn’t necessary

Most people now surf the web via their mobile devices. The ease and proximity of access have been some of the aiding factors.

Search engines aren’t immune to this new trend. Google made the Mobile-First Indexing announcement in 2019. Professionals acknowledge this as among the year’s biggest changes.

Many websites focus on how to improve their desktop’s version. However, when Google notices that such websites lack a mobile website, the desktop version is crawled. This has a way of negatively impacting the website rankings. Therefore, to remain relevant in the business, your website has to be mobile-friendly. That is why we at Web Weavers have been regarded as a leading SEO agency in Australia.

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