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Why Page Experience Is Very Crucial In Search Engine Ranking?

In the month of April, Google made an important announcement. It explained that one of the conditions for which websites would be ranked was “page experience”. This was expected to take effect from June 2021. It simply means that your websites aren’t just going to be ranked based on information they provide. How such can add value to visitors will also be taken into consideration. This sums up what page experience is all about.

A decision like this may have very little effect on your search engine ranking today. However, it needs to be taken seriously. For instance, a website that offers visitors valuable content will rank higher. This is a move from Google to make websites focus on their target audiences by providing value. Gone are those days when your poorly designed websites will still rank high on search engines.

You need to start thinking about how to make your website look professional. It is high time you started considering how to use the services of Web Weavers to ensure better user experience.

How To Get An Interactive And Engaging Website

When it comes to making your site engaging, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. These will be highlighted and briefly explained below.

Web basics

For an immersive user experience to be achieved, there are factors like page speed, your page’s interactivity, visual stability and many others. Your website is supposed to load very fast (2.5seconds). The more time it takes to load, that is how its search engine ranking will be adversely affected. Optimization is the key here as you need to make use of the right images, fonts and colors.


A mobile-friendly website can help to boost your search engine ranking. In the month of September 2020 when Google introduced mobile-first indexing, many companies decided to make their websites mobile-friendly. Google will give priority to pages that are mobile-responsive as compared others.

Start thinking about redesigning your site if it is not mobile-friendly. Apart from search engine ranking, you are losing serious money when potential customers can’t explore your website from their mobile devices. They will end up patronizing your rivals. To avoid all of these problems, you need to hire an expert company to design your website from scratch again.

Website Security

The position of your site can be threatened once Google doesn’t find it to be safe for users. Such site should ensure 100% user privacy.  Google takes this seriously and can inspect your website to know how secured it is for users. If you are going to be hiring the services of any company, ensure that it can deliver on this aspect. Never present a website that isn’t secured.

Safe content

The content on your website should be safe for usage by members of the public. Avoid a situation whereby your site will contain materials that are deceptive and dangerous. Again, this can hurt your search engine ranking. You need to have complete control over content on your site. Hire a company that understands everything about security certificates and how your site can benefit from them.

Interstitial should be avoided

Have you ever explored any of those websites where the main content is covered by pop ups? These are known as interstitials and won’t help your rankings in any way. This is because they can have a negative impact on user experience. Successful use of pop-ups and banners require high level of technical skills. You will need an SEO agency to help display such ads in the right way.

Building an engaging website today

At Web Weavers, we understand all the important SEO elements that your site needs to possess for improved ranking and high conversions. Feel free to contact us today for more information on how to get started. Let our experts help you get a professional website that google will rate very high.


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