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Google page experience Why it’s very important in Search Engine Optimising. Web Weavers

Google page experience: Why it’s important in Search Engine Optimising

Search Engine Optimising – Why is page experience very important?

Google announced in April that beginning from mid-June 2021; they will update their ranking system to include a factor called Page Experience. It comprised a new report called Page Experience Report. In other words, SEO search engine optimising will be influenced by Page Experience.

This decision from Google is made to enhance the overall experience you get when browsing and interacting with a website (your page experience); and not likely to cause a fundamental shift in its ranking system. Therefore, when comparing websites with similar information and content, a better user experience would be highly ranked.

To maintain your website’s search engine ranking, an experience SEO service company such as Web Weavers will advise you to utilise a more user-focused approach to search engine optimising and web design and development. If you have not begun optimising your website for the Google Page Experience Update, now is the time to do so. Quickly contact our Web Weavers team, as you are already at the tail end of the competition.

At Web Weavers, we adopt the following core factors of the Google Page Experience Update to optimise your website:

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are metrics that enable website owners to measure users’ experience on their website. It is strongly related to the webpage interactivity, visual stability and loading speed. They are:

  • Largest Contentful Paints (LCP)-It measures the time in which your webpage main content loads. It would help if you aimed for an LCP of fewer than 2.5 second to improve your search engine optimising.
  • First Input Delay’ (FID)-It measures how interactive your webpage is, that is, the time between when a user first clicks a link to when the webpage responds. For a befitting user experience, ensure an FID of not up to 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS): It monitors the visual stability of the content of your webpage. Ensure your CLS value is not up to 0.1


Website designs became more mobile-friendly with the introduction of Mobile-first indexing in September 2020 by Google. The new Google Page Experience Update will guarantee a better response from webpages, search engine optimising and ranking, which translates to a great user experience.

Server over HTTPS

Google wants web designers and search engine optimisation companies to safeguard users’ information online by providing a secure connection, thus offering the best possible users experience. We ensure your website runs on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) secure connection at Web Weavers. We also utilise the URL Inspection Tools to ensure your website is indexed and crawled by Google. Websites without HTTPS are at risk of getting affected by the Page Experience Update.

Website Safety

We implement a security certificate for all our client’s website for a secure and encrypted connection at Web Weavers. This guarantees safe browsing for optimal search engine optimising and ranking, makes your website resilient to cyber-attack, and devoid of malware and misleading contents from hackers. Malicious web contents can mislead a user to compromise these private details.

Remove Interfering Interstitial

Interstitial s are pop-ups or pop-up ads that conceal the main content of your webpage. These pop-ups must be discarded before a user can access the main content of your webpage. This can affect the user experience. An exception to this is interstitial used for cookies and age verification.

Require assistance with improving your website Search Engine Optimising? Contact our amazing team at Web Weavers.

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