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Ten reasons to redesign a website

Ten reasons to redesign a website

What’s the essence of redesigning your website?

Entrepreneurs are now becoming more aware of how they can boost their business with a digital presence. It’s possible you already have a website you are using for your business. You are quite aware of how that site has helped your business. But as informed as you claim to be, you have not given much thought to what it means to redesign a website.

Online business experts recommend that you redesign your website once every three years. This might come as a surprise to you as a successful entrepreneur. While you may have invested a lot to take your business site to where it is today, you still need to redesign your website according to current trends. Explained below are ten reasons why you need to redesign a website.

  1. To make usability better

The user-friendliness of websites is not static. It changes with time. End-users who approach your website are hoping to find whatever they seek without struggling too much. An experienced web development company such as Web Weavers knows how to use intuitive UI and chatbots to ensure smooth navigation on your website. You risk losing your visitors when you continue with your old-fashioned websites.

  1. For easy management

Modern UI and content management software have simplified back-end usage. Unlike old sites, you can easily carry out performance tests and install new features with new website designs. That has made it possible for marketing teams to explore various features without the help of a professional web design company such as Web Weavers. Features like that can help boost conversion rates.

  1. To ensure a mobile-friendly website

Google has made its intention regarding the use of mobile website versions for ranking and indexing websites. It simply means a website that is not mobile-friendly will be greatly affected when it comes to search engine rankings. So one of the reasons you need to redesign a website is to increase its mobile-friendliness.

  1. Updated SEO practices

The SEO practices you employed while designing your website many years back would likely be outdated by now. We have smarter search engines today. You need to align your content with the current SEO practices if you want your site to be relevant for the search engines. Therefore, you see why you need to redesign a website.

  1. To accommodate new services

It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to have their business expanded. Your site is expected to reflect the new services. With new services included in your site, it becomes easier for users to be informed of all that you are offering. Contact Web Weavers to redesign a website for you, and they can add your new services.

  1. Updating the technology

If your site had been designed many years back, it could be using flash, which is an outdated technology. You need to update your website plugins constantly. Therefore, when you redesign a website, you update such technologies to ensure a better user experience. You can consult with Web Weavers to advise you on this.

  1. For website security

Cyber-attacks is one thing that has got website owners on their toes. A website that is not subject to regular updates is prone to all sorts of security lapses. That is why you need top-notch professionals like Web Weavers to redesign a website for you. Doing that will help boost your website’s defense against cyber-attacks and any intrusive activities.

  1. To generate more leads

Recently, websites are beginning to enhance their lead generation with strategic calls to action. It is possible to redesign a website and have it tweaked to ensure more conversion. When you employ such techniques, your customer base increases as well. That is why it’s cost-effective to employ a web design agency such as Web Weavers.

  1. For the effective projection of your brand

Branding has become very important to businesses today. Your site needs to project your brand most professionally. A bit of creativity will go a long way in projecting your brand accordingly. Making sure the ideology and values that make you unique are perfectly portrayed will help distinguish you from the pack.

  1. To compete effectively

What if your competitors are using websites with better user interfaces and user experience? How will you cope with that? The natural response is to make your website as good as theirs by improving what needs to be improved. Web Weavers will help you access your competitors and think of how to redesign a website that will be better.


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