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Five Tricks To Improve The Traffic Of Your Business Website Web Weavers

Five Tricks to Improve The Traffic Of Your Business Website

You have a business website. You have spent a lot of money to have it developed and implemented the way it is. Although it was not easy doing what the professionals have recommended, you have done your bit all the same. This is the part where customers are expected to flock towards your website.

Unfortunately, some weeks down the line, you notice that the traffic has been quite low. Your gut keeps telling you that you have wasted your money on developing the website. In a matter of one month, your hopes of getting any new clients are completely shattered.

You know what? You need to ask yourself, ‘what is it I am not doing right?’ There are tricks that can help to boost your website’s ranking. If you observe and implement these techniques accordingly, you can be assured of more traffic, which will translate to more profits.

Techniques to help boost your site’s traffic

  1. Enhance the loading speed

People are impatient when they want to open a website on their device. It is a frustrating experience for anyone to wait forever because they want to load a website. Statistics have shown that virtually 50% of end-users exit a website anytime it loads for more than 8secs.

  1. Mobile-friendliness is crucial

With so many people using their mobile devices as a preferable means for browsing the internet, Google mentioned its first mobile-indexing strategy in 2019. If you have a business website that is not mobile-friendly, then the website’s traffic will be badly affected.

  1. Your information should be authentic

Most websites fail to intimate their customers with sufficient information like purchasing options, product description, as well as contact details. Ensure that the webpages of your business website contains important and reliable data. Simple navigation can boost customer satisfaction, making them want to revisit the website in the near future.

Five Tricks To Improve The Traffic Of Your Business Website Web Weavers

  1. Have a listening ear

Try communicating with your customers and address their want and needs. Add a comment section to your website for this goal. The most recent technologies such as interactive AI could be included for delivering instant response to visitors.

  1. Keeping it simple

A simple design is what your website needs. No need to inundate your website with more than the necessary information. The navigation menu ought to be user-friendly and effective. Stay away from technical jargon’s that are likely to turn off potential customers. Don’t forget, your goal is not to impress your customers, but to attract them. At Web Weavers, creating a simple, user-friendly business website is part of our expertise.


We have shown you five working and simple tricks for improving your business website traffic. These are simple techniques that can drive more traffic to your website, provide quality services and products, effectively convey the right information to all your customers and also improve your business profitability as well. These proven methods will aid and improve your website ranking as well. With more clients and better business, you will enjoy the benefits of owning a business website.

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