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Web design appears to be getting better and better as time develops. Its improvement is not only in the aspect of aesthetics. Architectural structure has equally evolved to the point where users now have better guidance when navigating a website. With continuous feedback and data, there are emerging discoveries regarding how sites can be better optimized in relation to changing trends, whether it be changes in technology and device or personal needs. Which is why the concept of mobile first design has become more necessary than ever before.

For many years, Google already made it clear that web contents would be consumed more by mobile devices than desktop computers. To buttress Google’s prediction, the world got to a tipping point in 2016, forcing website designers to be serious about employing mobile first design in their design processes so that their contents can be conveniently accessed by any type of device.


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A very common usability trend right now is the implementation of fewer navigation menus. Previously, navigation menus used to have at least between 5 and 7 items. These days, that has changed because they now use between 3 and 4 items for it to be optimized for mobile. This has been deemed as great by expert designers because it reduces the clutter on the screen and also looks appealing to users who are not comfortable with more than the necessary options.

Designers are equally moving away from the use of heavy graphical designs to better usage of colors, texts, as well as page composition for achieving readability and aesthetics. Although images will continue to be a powerful medium for conveying messages, websites that concentrate extensively on heavy graphic designs often struggle to render nicely on mobile devices. That is why mobile-first sites now downplay the use of images even though they are still there.

However, these tips are just the mobile first design surface! There are several reports and studies that dive deeper into every detail in this regard, from tabulated data to form fields. Although all of these are now considered as best practices for web design, the only way you can improve your online presence and offer your users the intuitive experience they deserve is by engaging constant revisions and updates from time to time.

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Mobile First Design WEB WEAVERS

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